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Starcom1 and Autocom offer the absolute best
in bluetooth and wired motorcycle communication.

wired motorcycle communication autocom for motorcycles

Founded in 1989 Autocom is a leader in the design and manufacture of motorcycle audio and communication systems. The company headquarters are located near to the historical University City of Cambridge. Read more...

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bluetooth motorcycle communication starcom1 for motorcycles

Founded in 2001 Starcom1 manufacture and design world class motorcycle communication and entertainment systems. Our systems are specifically designed to cater for every communication need of a rider. Read more...

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Communication On The Go

 bluetooth motorcycle helmet headset

NEW! Bluetooth

Highly convenient and ideal for shorter journeys. Starcom1 Bluetooth systems
attach to the side of the helmet and offer wireless connection to a pillion,
smartphone or GPS, music source or another bike.

wired motorcycle communication system


A must for every touring or adventure rider and the only choice for
professionals. Our wired solutions are recognised the world over for their
performance, quality and reliability. These systems offer incredible audio
output, never need charging and allow several devices to be heard at the
same time and unlike Bluetooth headset systems are truly hands free..

bluetooth helmet headsets

Helmet Headsets

Our headsets are easily installed into any helmet whether open, flip or full

bike-to-bike bluetooth headset

Modular systems

Our wired systems are 100% modular. The system will meet your current needs
(solo rider, rider/pillion) and is easily upgradable when the needs change
(bike to bike, connection to phone/GPS) etc.

helmet headset speaker

Best of both worlds

We are the only manufacturer to offer both wired and Bluetooth headset
systems and therefore qualified to give impartial advice on the best
solution for you.

bluetooth headset cart

Buy with ease, buy with confidence

Buy direct from us (the manufacturer) or through approved on-line stores or
at one of our accredited worldwide dealers - whichever suits you best.